Thursday, July 25, 2024

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FCW Watch: Kaitlyn and Naomi vs AJ and Rosa

On the most recent episode of FCW Wrestling, the NXT 3 top three, plus Rosa Mendes, took the stage in a tag team matchup. Watch below as the FCW Divas Champion, AJ, teams up with the Queen of FCW, Rosa, to face off against Naomi and Kaitlyn:

Thoughts: Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling this match. It started off well between Naomi and Rosa, but it really broke down and got sloppy when AJ and Kaitlyn got involved. I have seen much better from all the ladies involved. One good thing I will say is that Rosa’s time in FCW seems to be paying off. She seems to be progressing in the ring, which is a good thing considering some of the matches she’s had in the past. What did you guys think of the match? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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