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FCW Watch (November 13th, 2011): Aksana & Caylee Turner vs Audrey Marie & Cameron Lynn

Why hello there person reading this. It has been a long few weeks since FCW featured a divas match, and unfortunately, it will be another couple more until we meet again. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t enjoy what we get though! On this weeks episode, FCW Divas Champion, Audrey Marie teams up with newcomer, Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) to face off against Smackdown Diva, Aksana, and her partner, Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford). On top of that, Raquel Diaz‘s stable, the Ascension also competes in a six man tag team match! I think I have stalled enough time going over what’s to come, so why don’t we actually watch it and form some opinions?

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As the theme of espionage and deceit plays across the sound system, out comes the Queen of FCW, Aksana, alongside her partner, the evil, Caylee Turner. Both ladies make their way into the ring as Aksana poses with her crown to all her loyal subjects. Byron Saxton makes the best comparison I have ever heard in relating the two to Cinderella and the Wicked Witch, but not clarifying which is which (genius!). Up next comes a peppy beat, as Audrey Marie and Cameron Lynn enter to perhaps the longest stage pose I have ever seen in my life.

Byron explains that he and Cameron had a talk and that she has calmed herself down in hopes of showing her true potential. The two pose in the ring as the crowd erupts in an “Audrey! Audrey! Audrey!” chant! Audrey removes her western wear as the bell sounds and we get things underway with Cameron and Caylee. They circle around the ring before locking up, as Turner takes advantage with a wrist lock. She adds on the pain, before Cameron lands a punch right in the face and reverses it.

Lynn executes some nice holds to add pressure to the wrist, before flipping her leggy opponent over and applying a brief knee to the head. Caylee gets back up to a vertical base and backs Lynn up to the ropes. Keeping the hold cinched in, Cameron manages a sweet flip off the ropes before pulling Caylee over to her corner and tagging out to Audrey. The chants start up again, as Audrey works over the arm that her partner started. Showing off some skills she obviously learned on the farm, Audrey flips Caylee over like she’s in a rodeo and continues to work over the punished arm.

The two get to a vertical base, as our Divas Champion Irish whips Turner into the ropes. Caylee fights back with a shoulder block, before charging off the ropes and managing to avoid the trap set up by the cowgirl. Turner drags Audrey into her corner and tags out to Aksana, but Marie ends up taking both women out! She pulls Caylee to the center of the ring and goes for an Irish whip, but Caylee counters and Aksana ends up tripping Audrey face first into the canvas. Aksana then proceeds to slam Audrey’s head against the ring apron multiple times as if to show her that she’s done playing games; She wants her pink belt back!

Aksana throws Audrey into the ring and gets a near fall, before tossing her into the team corner and choking her with her leg. From there, she runs up with a huge boot across the face and tags Caylee Turner back in. Turner takes control with various kicks to the face, before making the quick tag back in to the Queen. Aksana continues the double team beat down of Audrey, before locking in a choke hold in the center of the ring. The crowd begins to get behind Audrey, as she fights out of the hold. Aksana doesn’t let off the pressure though, as she hoists Marie up and drops her like a flipped burger on a southern style grill.

Audrey tries to regain her composure, but Aksana continues to drop elbows and knees for a two count. She tags Caylee Turner back in, who scores with a quick roll up for a near fall. Following it up with a nice leg drop, Caylee hooks the leg, but the “never say die” attitude instilled by Audrey’s farmhand grandmother gives her the power to kick out. Tag back into Aksana, as the two continue dismantling Audrey Marie. She locks in a choke hold, but Audrey fights out with punches and a slightly off jawbreaker, showing the wear and tear the two ladies are causing on her.

Finally, she manages to fight off and make the tag to Cameron Lynn! Lynn runs in and ducks a clothesline attempt from Aksana, taking care of Caylee Turner on the ring apron. Aksana charges forward, but is met with a nice drop toe hold, followed up with an elbow, and then a series of clotheslines. She goes for a third attempt, but Aksana ducks and kicks Lynn right in the stomach. She sends her into the ropes, but Cameron ducks an attack and connects with an O’Connor roll up! Close call there, but Aksana manages to kick out and fling Cameron forward into a tag in to Audrey Marie. The Divas Champion charges forward with a monkey flip attempt, but Aksana catches her in mid air and drills her with the Devo Drop (Spinebuster) for the victory! The devilish duo rejoice in their win, as Audrey and Cameron try to cope with what has happened.

Also check out Raquel Diaz’s stable, The Ascension (Conor O’Brian, Kenneth Cameron, & Tito Colon), as they face off against the team of Colin Cassady, Jason Jordan, and Mike Dalton below:

Thoughts: A solid outing for the ladies tonight. Aksana works very well in her heel role, and Caylee Turner also surprisingly pulls it off great. Audrey Marie is coming along nicely, and I enjoyed her work with both women. She obviously got fatigued during the match, but that’s to be expected for someone rather new. I commend her on stepping her game up a lot since her title win. Her matches are definitely getting better and better!

Say what you will about Cameron Lynn, but she’s one of my favorites in FCW. I like that she tries to be unique and stand out. I think it’s great that she has a style to her gear, and she does seem to be picking up quickly considering this was only her second match. From what I saw at the live event Friday night, she’s gotten even better since this was filmed, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table after a few more months of training. I would rather her be a face because I think she has a way to her that is likable (unless those dreaded Tough Enough comments get brought up again…) and I think she can fire a crowd up easily with her spunky personality.

Also, The Ascension is still one of the best things in FCW. I pray that Tito being called up to Smackdown with Primo and Hunico won’t hinder their potential because it’s too great to stall in FCW. I already have to watch both Husky Harris & Naomi be stuck down here, I don’t need it with the Ascension too!

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