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Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s Jenny Sjodin Featured in Documentary Airing Today in Sweden

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin is the subject of a documentary airing today in Sweden.

Check out details below:

[notice]Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion To Be Feature Of Documentary
15 November, 2011

The Pro-Wrestling:EVE Champion ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin is the subject of a documentary to air on prime time television in Sweden tonight.

The program entitled ‘Swedes’ Secret Lives’ follows Jenny Sjodin as she trains and competes across Europe in her numerous disciplines such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ground Grappling and of course Professional Wrestling.

The show also includes never before seen footage from Pro-Wrestling:EVE as the crew travel from Sweden to the UK to witness the 25 year old Hundsvall, Sweden native compete in the main event for Europe’s biggest all female professional wrestling promotion, Pro-Wrestling:EVE.

Below are details from the official show press release:

“Jenny Sjodin is a young woman who likes to fight. In private she is calm and steady, but in the ring her opponents need to beware. She has high ambitions but the road to success will cost blood, sweat and tears.

The martial arts world has previously been thought of as a male only arena, but now the Swedish girls are on the march. Girls who would normally be thought of as having ordinary careers now fight for money in their spare time….

Sjodin, 25, is one of very few Swedish female wrestlers. She moved from Sweden to Ireland to train as a professional wrestler and now lives in England in order to devote herself wholeheartedly to the sport. Jenny has a dream of becoming big in Japan but first she must conquer the European scene.

Swedes’ Secret Lives airs at 22:00 on Tuesday 15 November on TV3”

Everyone at Pro-Wrestling:EVE are extremely pleased and excited for Jenny for the well deserved attention and recognition her career has garnered over the last twelve months. Jenny joins Alpha Female as being Europe’s most high profile female professional wrestler continuing to gain attention from the non-wrestling commercial media for her extraordinary story of hard work, talent and determination.

Those of you who have yet to see footage of the grappling gold medal winner can see clips of Jenny in action in one of EVE’s latest video releases ‘The Top Ten Moves Of Jenny Sjodin’ at the EVE YouTube Channel or directly below.

You can follow Jenny and Pro-Wrestling:EVE on twitter @JennySjdin and @ProWrestlingEVE.[/notice]

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