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Natalya Responds To Lola Vice: “It’s You, Bitch, Who Is Entering My World”

Natalya and Lola Vice have the first NXT Underground match set for next week! This week on NXT, the two will have a contract signing.

In a post from a few days ago from Vice, she sent a message to the veteran. Respecting Natalya being the legend that she is, Vice says NXT Underground is her world. She has had three first round knockouts and intends to make Natalya number four. Nattie’s response questions Vice’s words as she makes sure that the NXT talent knows her place.

“My family have been in the wrestling business since 1940. My grandfather pioneered this sport, my uncles evolved it, my father fed his whole family through it, my husband gave everything for it, and I have trained half the damn people involved with it. It’s you, bitch, who is entering my world.”

Vice’s response can be seen below.

The NXT Underground match takes place on April 30 during the second night of Spring Breakin’.

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