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FCW Watch (October 17th, 2011): Audrey Marie vs Leah West

Come one, come all to another FCW Watch!~ Today, I come bearing a plethora of gifts, as we continue to witness the development of Aksana‘s devious ways, alongside Audrey Marie defending her Divas Championship against Leah West (Irena Janjic), AND Naomi, as well as Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) and Byron Saxton take to the microphone in an exclusive interview with Briley Pierce.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

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As we head to the back, FCW interviewer Briley Pierce, stands by with the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots, Husky Harris (no bias here whatsoever). Briley asks Husky if Bo Rotundo’s condition is improving at all (Note: Bo was forced to vacate his championship when he suffered a lacerated kidney). Husky informs us that Bo will be fine, but more importantly, after tonight he will seize his opportunity and emerge victorious in the triple threat main event this evening. Out of nowhere, Richie Steamboat emerges and tries to wish Husky luck with an apology for things getting out of hand last week.

Husky simply says okay and pats Briley on the back as he heads out. Briley then turns the interview towards Richie, when out of nowhere the screams of Aksana can be heard from the room Husky just entered. Richie charges in as he sees Husky standing over a fallen Aksana. He spins Husky around and superkicks the taste out of his mouth! Richie then consoles a crying Aksana, as she suddenly changes tune with a smirk to the camera when their backs are all turned.

From there, we head out to the ring where Leah West makes her entrance in this FCW Divas Championship match! She is soon followed by the Divas Champ herself, cowgirl Audrey Marie! After some posing on the stage with her title, she steps up to the ring and gets inside. Leah seems ready for her big opportunity to make Audrey’s reign the shortest of all time, as the referee holds the belt up. The bell sounds, as the two women lock up. Audrey shoves Leah to the turnbuckle for a two count, followed by a wrist lock that she maintains for a few various holds. She sends Leah into the ropes and goes for a dropkick, to which West holds on and Marie is sent crashing down.

Leah slams Audrey back by the hair for a two count, as she then applies a choke hold that transitions into a few claw holds on the shoulders. From there, West turns it into an impressive looking submission where she grabs Audrey’s arms and bends her back over the knee! William Regal informs us that the move is applied correctly, and how it must be the Lance Storm training in Leah that helps her. (Trust me, if you watch NXT, William Regal is not easy to please when it comes to applying maneuvers correctly)

Leah slams Audrey’s head forward, before picking her up and sending her into the ropes. Audrey leaps over West and goes for a Sunset Flip, but Leah pokes her in the eye and goes to slam down on top of her…only Audrey rolls out of the way and West ends up colliding butt first into the ring canvas. Marie ducks a fist, and then takes control with an atomic drop! From there, she takes Leah down with a shoulder tackle, followed up with a clothesline. She goes to apply a full nelson, but Leah tries to reverse it, only she ends up getting caught right in Audrey’s finisher, The Round Up! Hook of the leg gets the victory for our Divas Champion as she retains her title!

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Briley Pierce returns to our viewing, as he is seen standing by with the controversial faction that formed last week between Byron Saxton, Naomi, and Cameron Lynn. Briley questions why Saxton has associated himself with the two women, as Byron puts them over while they pose at ringside in their furry boots. Byron tells the universe that they are unique, different, and that they have a platform of potential. Naomi tries to take over, but Byron says not yet! He says if you mess with any one of them, you’re gonna get messed up.

Naomi then takes the microphone and first off, gives a shout out to her momma, her dad, and her brother who she always used to tell she would be on TV one day…HEYYYYYYYY. HOLLLAAA. Naomi proclaims that all these other divas ain’t got nothing on them, and that they are the best divas in FCW. She continues with Whoever wants some, can come get some! Cameron then takes the microphone from Naomi and proclaims that she’s got an idea! She says that next week, they should challenge any two divas in the back to a match. She follows it up with a cackle and a YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, which sparks the two ladies to exchange YEAHHHHHHH’S. After a HEYYYYY from Cameron and a HOLLLAAA from Naomi, they head out as Byron lets out one final YEAHHHHHH.

Thoughts: Where do I begin? Anytime I can write about the greatest wrestler of all time, Husky Harris, you know the FCW Watch will be top notch full of stuff to talk about. I’m intrigued to where this whole Aksana storyline is heading as it’s getting more interesting than just her talking to people now. The match between Leah and Audrey was a solid outing. I wasn’t sure what to expect between the two but I liked what I saw. Leah seems, to me, that she could be a really good heel. I don’t know why but I get the vibe from her during her entrance and more aggressive moveset. I also think she performs better when she’s in control of the match as opposed to when someone else is.

The interview, I’m sure will bring up a lot of stereotype controversy, but let’s all remember that Santino Marella got popular because he was a stereotype of an Italian. Wrestling is about over the top characters, and, I personally, love the gimmick between Byron, Naomi, and Cameron. I think it has potential to take them to the main show after they get more accustomed to working together and some more training for newly recruited, Cameron. Naomi was unfortunately not going anywhere being on her own, and at least now she seems to have rejuvenated her career in FCW as opposed to showing up to wrestle a singles match here and there.

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