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FCW Watch (October 23rd, 2011): Naomi and Cameron Lynn vs. Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner

Another Sunday has passed, so you know what that means?! Being you see this very article before you, it of course means that the divas of FCW were featured on last nights show. We had quite a few segments, all seeming to be right in a row one after the other, but let’s get things started. First up, we had a tag team match that was hyped last week which was to feature newly formed booty poppin dance group, Naomi and Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) against two divas who chose to challenge them. Those spots ended up going to Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford) and Smackdown/NXT Diva Kaitlyn! Tack on a video package from Raquel Diaz‘s group the Ascension, as well as an Aksana segment, and we’ve got the makings for greatness.

Without any further ado…let’s continue.

We head out to the ring where the bell sounds and the funky Mario & Luigi type theme hits for the BPDG (Booty Poppin Dance Group) to make their entrance. As anticipated, out pops Naomi, Cameron Lynn, and Byron Saxton, as Howard Finkel introduces the two ladies for the upcoming match. Cameron asks Byron how her hair looks, as the trio slide inside and take a few moments to pose to the crowd. Byron then takes the microphone from Howard, as Cameron Lynn screams for a fan to shut their mouth!

Byron states that the time has now arrived for the tag match that was built on last weeks episode. He adds that the two divas who take Naomi and Cameron up on their offer are probably going to end up getting hurt. Suddenly, Naomi snatches the microphone away and claims that this aint no probably, and that Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner BOUT TO CATCH A BEAT DOWN! Cameron adds in some hilarious laughter as the two ladies exchange YYYEAAAAHHHH’s.

Suddenly, the star spangled banner of NXT3, “You Make the Rain Fall” hits, and out pops the season’s chickbusting winner, Kaitlyn, and her partner, the bubbly Caylee Turner. The two step out to the ramp, before sliding up into the ring and executing their best impressions of the Booty Poppin Dance Group, complete with booty shakes, charlie’s angels poses, and embarrassing dance moves! Their music then comes to a halt, as the bell sounds and both Kaitlyn and Cameron Lynn start things off.

The two lock up, as Kaitlyn applies a headlock to Cameron. This hold stays in tact, until Kaitlyn charges forward…and…and…SNATCHES CAMERON’S WIG OFF! Lynn screams in horror, as Kaitlyn holds that sucker up in the air like a Championship. Cameron springs forward, but shes met with a shoulder block to send her down. Kaitlyn teases Cameron with that wig as if she were a mouse longing for cheese, before Lynn grabs it away and scurries to her corner to tag in Naomi.

Naomi charges forward, but the powerful Kaitlyn hoists her up into the air and slams her into the corner. Naomi tries to run, but Kaitlyn shoves her back and pounds away! Kaitlyn backs up and charges with a butt bump of her own, before tossing Naomi pretty roughly into the opposing side of the ring. Cameron Lynn begins to scream at Kaitlyn, which ends up taking her focus off of Naomi, allowing her to grab Kaitlyn from behind and shove her shoulder first into the steel pole (ouch).

Naomi traps Kaitlyn’s arm in the ropes, as a chant in support of the NXT winner breaks out. Naomi drags Kaitlyn over to her corner and makes the tag out to Cameron, who steps her furry boots into the ring. Cameron kicks Kaitlyn in the arm multiple times, before trapping her shoulder in the ropes and taunting the fans. From there, she applies an arm lock, as Kaitlyn tries to lift the dancing diva up and take control. Unfortunately for her though, Cameron knees her in the back and tosses her down by the hair. Tag out to Naomi, as she continues to work over the arm as well.

Naomi with a European Uppercut, before sending Kaitlyn into the corner…to which she capitalizes on and flings herself back with a nice elbow off the ropes! Kaitlyn crawls…and crawls….and YES! Tag out to Caylee Turner, who charges in and ducks a clothesline from the first ever FCW Divas Champion. She springs off the ropes and nails one of her own accord, followed up with another, and then a dropkick! Caylee then runs off the ropes and comes out with an awesome looking Handspring Bulldog! She hooks the leg, but Cameron Lynn drags her off Naomi.

Caylee proceeds to kick Cameron in the stomach and toss her out of the ring. Naomi goes for a kick once Turner spins back around, but Caylee catches her leg, sweeps it down, and flips over into a jacknife cover for a two count. Turner goes to irish whip Naomi off the ropes, but its reversed and Cameron Lynn ends up grabbing onto Caylee’s boot, which proves to be just enough damage to distract her long enough for Naomi to hit the Nightfalls! Hook of the leg, and that’s all she wrote! Naomi, Cameron, and Byron celebrate, as Kaitlyn and Caylee must pick themselves up and try again another day.

After the conclusion to the divas match, we head over to Briley Pierce, who is standing by with Richie Steamboat at the interview area. Briley asks Richie why he has been kicking Husky Harris in the face as of late, questioning if he could possibly explain his actions. Richie takes over from here, and claims that the first time was an accident, but the second was purely justified. Steamboat claims he heard Aksana screaming, and seeing Husky Harris standing over her was too much to just sit and let happen.

Richie says that he doesn’t know about Husky, but in the Steamboat family, he was raised to respect women, not to beat them. He states that Aksana is not only a woman, but one of the FCW Divas, and he was protecting her in a way that he does not regret. Out of nowhere pops Aksana, who clings to Richie. Briley tries to get Aksana to add a statement, but she simply ignores him and the two walk off together, arms around waist and all.

Finally, right after that segment, we had another video package highlighting the new (phenomenal, brilliant, unique, amazing, awesome, fantastic, great…oh the list goes on and on) stable consisting of Conor O’Brian, Kenneth Cameron, Tito Colon, and Raquel Diaz, entitled “The Ascension”.

Raquel: “Now I lay me down to sleep”
Tito: (As you all know from my NXT Watch, Spanish is not my language of choice. Not even attempting…)
Kenneth: “If I die…before I wake…”
Conor: “You pray…before you sleep…Ascension preys…while you sleep.”

From there, Kenneth Cameron opens his hand up to reveal a glowball, before closing it back up to reveal pure darkness, as the faces of each member flash on screen, followed up with the Ascension in creepy font. (Note: this video cuts off at Raquel’s face, but the full show displays this.)

Thoughts: Another bunch of diva related segments tonight. I’ll start with the match, that I personally enjoyed. I know this will likely (and unfortunately) get loads of flack because Ariane is involved, but hats off to her because she really seems to be getting into a character and doing little things during a match to reflect it. The wig scene was hilarious, and I love that shes actually investing into standing out and being different with the character instead of being the typical heel or the typical face. I easily compare her to Audrey Marie in the sense that both made their in ring debut a few months in, for a tag match, and I think Cameron was a bit better in hers. That’s taking nothing away from Audrey because she’s gotten loads better since then, just using this as a comparison between what she was like back in July to where Cameron is at now.

Caylee is also beginning to really impress in the ring. Her handspring bulldog was sick, and I thought all of the moves she did flowed well and were beginning to set herself apart from Alicia Fox. Naomi and Kaitlyn were their usual great selves, so not much has to really be said. Kaitlyn has definitely improved dramatically since this time last year, and it’s great to see her with a unique moveset as well. The Ascension is obviously one of my favorite things going in FCW, and I long for the day a video package like this ends up playing during Raw or Smackdown…sigh.

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