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Feature: The Search for the Next Talk Show Queen

Tyra Banks has announced that she is ending her Emmy-winning talk show in 2010. Meanwhile, the queen of the daytime talk show, Oprah Winfrey is ending her iconic show after 25 years in 2011. Who will give Ellen a run for her money now? The wrestling industry has always been home to charismatic, kooky and downright entertaining stars over the years. Surely those are the ingredients needed to carry one’s own talk show, too? Here are our suggestions for America’s next talk show queen!

Awesome Kong — ‘The Awesome Kong Show’
She’s already the baddest Knockout in the playground — just ask any of her opponents, but I get the impression that she’d be just as hardcore given her own talk show! Kong, like Oprah, is a perfect example of female empowerment which seems to be the main theme of most of these shows. As for Kong’s unique selling point — think Oprah with a little Judge Judy with a dash of Jerry Springer. Kong could have guests come on her show to discuss important issues and solve their problems with Kong’s word as law. And if her guests get out of hand, all she’d have to do is smack them back into line! There’s no need for the security guards like on Springer! Now that equals ratings right? I think it’d be exciting just to see what crazy thing Kong will do next.

Maryse — ‘Maryse’
The sexy French-Canadian Diva may be better suited to a late night phone-in show if you know what I mean, but who better to sex up daytime? Maryse’s talk show would feature a set that is made to look like a fancy boudoir, her guests would all be sexy celebrities and her take on issues such as health, beauty etc. would be far different than those dished out by Tyra! ‘How to last longer in bed’ and ‘Cover up your roots’ may not be as world peace-like as Oprah’s show but Maryse seems unapologetic enough to pull it off! Besides, who wouldn’t want fashion and beauty tips from the gorgeous pin-up?

Follow the cut for the rest:

Mickie James – ‘Mickie & Friends’
Mickie James is celebrated as one of the most homely and down to earth Divas in WWE history — you can picture being friends with her. Hence why her talk show wouldn’t just be a talk show, it’d be like having a friend in your living room on a daily basis! Mickie & Friends would see Mickie with special guests talking about issues in the news of that day, all the while displaying her sensitive side. Features could include Mickie meeting fans of her/her show and making their dreams come true as well as cookery segments with Mickie sharing recipes with her viewers! Aw!

Trish Stratus – ‘Trish’
Like Mickie, Trish has always exuded a warmth that it seems easily conceivable that you’d turn on the TV to watch her everyday. She has a fun sense of humour and injects life into all that she does. Her talk show would be more like Ellen, relying on her humour and fun personality. On her show, Trish would have a mix of celebrity guests while also having fun comedy skits and because she’s quite adventurous as seen in her travel show, she would have in-studio prize challenges for her studio audience while also trying new challenges herself with the help of experts. Perhaps she could even show off her yoga!

So, which Diva/Knockout talk show would you most like to see? Vote below and sound off in the comments with your own ideas!

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