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Feedback Wanted: What Would You Like to See in a Diva Dirt VIP Section?

We’ve toyed with the idea of putting together a VIP section of Diva Dirt for over a year, and now we are hoping to launch something soon.

The VIP section would be subscription based on a monthly or annual basis, allowing subscribed members to get even more out of Diva Dirt for a low cost price. The VIP section will offer several perks and allow members to have even more interaction.

So, what we want to hear from you is your suggestions on what you might like to see in the VIP section.

We understand that many be wary of subscription-based sections as seen on other websites, and that is why we want to hear ideas from you on what you’d like to see so we can help create the best VIP section possible. Your subscriptions will be used to support Diva Dirt’s growth and put back into the site.

We also understand that memberships can be costly, however we are working on low-cost price-points to make our VIP section affordable to all.

Our goal for the VIP section is to allow members perks such as discounts on products, exclusive new audio, first look at interviews, video diaries/blogs from female wrestling talent, live chats with talent, members-only competitions and give you the opportunity to have even more interaction by being able to write your own blogs/articles and have a members-only discussion forum.

As with most of the things we do, we want your help during the creation process so we can really give you what you want & give you an opportunity to support us.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments…

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