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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: September 29th, 2011

Spoilers for the September 29th episode of Impact Wrestling. Watch it Thursdays at 9pm on Spike TV:

* Jeff and Karen Jarrett come to the ring and they call out Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks and they come to the ring. Jarrett introduced himself to Kazarian and said that he handpicked Kazarian off of the independent circuit. Jarrett says that he called Kazarian out for jumping ship to “the other company” and when he got released over not getting the spotlight, Jarrett says that he rehired Kazarian because Kazarian begged for it. Jeff called Traci a skank and said that after what he did for Traci, Traci disrespected Karen. Jeff says they are both ungrateful bastards. TNA referees come out to separate Jeff, Karen, Frankie, and Traci. Jarrett said that he is going to make their lives miserable starting tonight.

Jeff tells Kazarian to take that Tennessee whore, but Kazarian stops Jarrett with a punch. TNA Security and the agents try to separate the four, but Gunner shows up and lays Kazarian out with an F5. TNA Security get Jeff, Karen, and Gunner out of the ring while they tend to Kazarian.

* Madison Rayne defeats Tara with a roll up and extra leverage with her feet on the ropes in a “Queen’s Qualifying Match” to face Winter, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory. Throughout the match, Madison was flirting with referee Earl Hebner to try to get her way in the match. It appeared to work because Earl stopped Tara from using closed fists during the match. Madison accidentally hit Earl and Earl then let Tara have her way, but Madison was still able to get the win. (Source)

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