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Fight Like A Girl series is now airing on Quibi

As reported earlier this year in January, WWE has now launched the Fight Like A Girl series on the steaming service known as Quibi. The series picks 10 women who have struggled throughout their life, one way or another, and over the course of 10 weeks helps instill confidence through training at the Performance Center.

Each episode is about seven minutes and starts and ends with Stephanie McMahon greeting and recapping with the women. It also features a female WWE Superstar who can relate to the struggles of these women and have them paired accordingly.

At the end of every episode, the ladies show off their progress by walking down the ramp at the WWE Performance Center and enter the ring with their Superstar mentor. They also have someone from their life in the audience who is there to see their transformation.

The first four episodes have been released so far and with those feature the follow:

Episode 1: Caprice w/Sasha Banks

Caprice suffers from abandonment issues. Her Father was in and out of her life, her brother incarcerated, and her husband left her suddenly. She needs help with self love and Sasha Banks is there to help her find that confidence she needs. Her ex-husband is in the audience to see her transformation.

Episode 2: Carly w/The Bella Twins

Carly has felt lost and suffers from depression since her mother passed away. Her father had moved after her mother’s passing and Carly has not felt the support she has needed from him. Her father was the loved one in the audience to see her transformation.

Episode 3: Rachel w/Becky Lynch

Rachel suffers from being overweight as she has stated has been an issue for most of her life. Her father struggled with addiction which has caused her to have her own prior problems with drugs and she reveals she has almost died twice as a result. She struggles mentally daily as a result of her past and her concern for her weight. In her 10 week journey she loses 30 pounds and her fiance is in the audience to see her transformation.

Episode 4: Holly w/Alexa Bliss

Holly suffers from an eating disorder. She comes from an upbringing of drugs and violence. She explains that she is cold all the time and suffered from headaches as a result. Her relationship with her mother has been strained by this. By the end of her 10 weeks she starts to feel better as she has gained 15 pounds. Her mother was in the audience to see her transformation.

The Quibi app states that there will be a new episode every weekday. With 10 women there should be six episodes left. Other female Superstars that will appear as mentors are Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Sonya Deville. You can download the app with a free subscription for 90-days.

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