Monday, September 25, 2023

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Fit Finlay Mentions “Girl Division”

On, World Wrestling Entertainment star, Fit Finlay, was interviewed about each individual aspect within the WWE. When asked about the Diva’s Division, he had this to say:

We’ve got tremendous girls right now, we’ve got Beth Phoenix who in my opinion is the more dominant female of the whole [WWE] girl division. There’s Beth and Victoria. Ashley’s got the guts. I’ve seen her go through a lot of stuff, a lot of injuries, but she picks herself up and keeps going, and that’s what it’s all about. Keep going.

Phoenix, I believe, can be considered the most dominant female in the Division at this point due to her recent lengthy title reign. However trailing close behind her, I would have to say the current Women’s Champion, Mickie James, or Melina Perez are quite domineering aswell. To the point of Ashley, I agree entirely. Ashley does endure a ton of injuries, but she gets right back up and keeps on going.

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