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Five NXT women we want to see in WrestleMania Battle Royal

WWE announced the second annual WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal just last week. Since, it has been announced that this match will take place on the kickoff show—the same spot on the card where this match was billed last year.

At this moment, WWE has only announced 13 entrants. The participants include the majority of the main roster, with just a few that are notably missing.

The company hasn’t announced to total number of women involved. However, there were 20 in last years events, and the women from NXT will be involved.

Last year, we saw a hand full of NXT superstars try to capture their WrestleMania moment. Nonetheless, Naomi came out on top as the inaugural winner.

This match is arguably just a reason to get the rest of the women on the card. Much like the male counterpart, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the winner receives their name on a trophy and that’s about it.

WWE could take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the NXT participants to the main roster’s fanbase. If the winner were from NXT, this could act as an official call up after WrestleMania.

We previously selected five moments that we would like to see from the battle royal. Knowing that NXT will participate in the match, here are five women we would like to see in the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

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