Saturday, February 4, 2023

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Five women who should switch brands for Superstar Shake-Up

Superstar Shake-Up

Dana BrookeRAW to SmackDown

It is no surprise that Dana Brooke has made this list. Brooke has so much untapped potential. Her recent heartfelt promo directed at Ronda Rousey was something that most did fans not see coming. She spoke candidly to the then champion, using her real frustrations over being overlooked or cut from shows as motivation

There have been so many moments where WWE dropped the ball with Brooke. She could have used her turn on Charlotte Flair when she was her protege. The crowd was behind Brooke after Flair bullied her.

She had another opportunity as part of Titus Worldwide, and even after they disbanded. Recently, there were plans for her to feud with Natalya, which had the potential for both women.

A switch to SmackDown doesn’t automatically mean anything will change for Brooke, but maybe with a few different competitors, something will click. Come on creative.

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