Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Five women who should switch brands for Superstar Shake-Up

Credit: WWE

Sasha Banks from RAW to SmackDown

With the recent news Sasha Banks wants to leave WWE, she had to make this list. Banks has had her fair share of moments at the top. However, her time at the bottom has been just as crucial.

She is a four-time RAW Women’s Champion so there shouldn’t be a problem right? The trouble is those four reigns don’t even total a 100 days combined. In fact, she has never even successfully defended the title.

Of course, there was also her recent Women’s Tag Team title reign, but that also came and went like a fast-moving train.

Banks arguably hasn’t seen her full potential since her time with NXT. One main difference between her time in the developmental brand and the main roster is her babyface character. As a heel, her character showcased her capability as a performer.

Moving Banks to SmackDown, and turning her heel, could rejuvenate her. Of course, this depends on if Flair or Lynch leave the blue brand, but she should be in that mix regardless of where they end up.

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