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Flashback Match: Raw 2006 Ashley & Trish Stratus vs. Victoria & Candice Michelle

On this week’s Flashback Match Friday is a tag team bout that took place on Raw between Ashley & Trish Stratus vs. Victoria & Candice Michelle w/Torrie Wilson. With yesterday being the birthday of Ashley Massaro, it was fitting to showcase her in this week’s flashback.

During this time, with Stratus by her side, Ashley was in a rivalry with Mickie James. This tag team match served as a boost for Ashley heading into her 2006 Royal Rumble match against James.

The tag match resulted in Stratus planting Victoria before tossing Candice to the outside. After tagging in Ashley, Stratus took out Candice on the outside as Ashley heading up to the top turnbuckle. Ashley delivers a crossbody on Victoria as the referee counts to three giving Ashley the victory for her team.

Immediately after the bell rang, Stratus and Ashley embraced before James attacked Ashley. Stratus and the referee tried to break up the fight before James got in a kick to knock her upcoming opponent back down to the match.

At the Royal Rumble the following Sunday, James would defeat Ashley with Stratus as special guest referee. In a rematch on the following Raw, Ashley would get her revenge on James with Stratus once again as the special guest referee.

What are your favorite memories from this moment in women’s wrestling history? Join the discussion below!

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