Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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For Eve and Maryse, Pants Are Optional

In an effort to keep up with the deluge of recent Diva photoshoots, I’ve once again condensed two into one. This time, Eve Torres and Maryse have to share a seat. Eve‘s “She’s Got the Look” photoshoot features the seldom-seen Diva in a bright fuchsia dress. Fuchsia definitely lands on my list of “least favorite colors”.. It just rarely looks good, in my opinion. If the dress were in a more understated color, it’d look better. Here, it looks like trashy clubwear. Eve is a beautiful girl, and needless to say, she could do much better. Maryse is on the minidress train too. Her black dress is a better look, but it looks more suited as a top than a dress. It’s so short, I’m surprised we aren’t seeing London or France, if you get my drift.

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