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Former PWWA Champion Penni Lane Explains Absence

Former PWWA Champion Penni Lane has broken her silence in regards to her lengthy absence from the ring. Penni, also a former SuperGirls Champion, wrote a heartfelt message to one of her home promotions, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW), whom have posted it on their website:

Your body is not your friend right now

Not the words you want to hear from any medical specialist.

Especially after spending almost three years in a love / hate relationship with something that to this day, still runs so deep in me.

So to everyone who has wondered or to anyone that has asked, here are the answers, as best as I can give them.

Why don’t you wrestle anymore?

Short answer, I am physically unable to. I overcame one hurdle with the help of a couple of surgeries back in 2009 only to be presented with another completely unrelated hurdle that is proving to be much more challenging to overcome.

There is a long answer. It’s not something I care to share so openly here though. So if you’re a friend, and you’re sure you want to hear the details, send me a message :)

When are you coming back to the ring?

I wish I had an answer. The possibility of it being ‘never’ is something I’ve been struggling to come to terms with. In the meantime, the best (and only approach) I can take right now is ‘if you can hold on, hold on.’

Why don’t you come out to wrestling shows more often?

For two reasons:

1. It’s hard for me. Being anywhere near it just reminds me of the meaning I used to get from the back of my broken wrestling hand and quite frankly, that just brings me down.

2. I feel awkward talking about why I’m not in the ring with fans, but moreso with my fellow wrestling bretheran. The “how are you?” question is ALWAYS tricky for me to answer because they don’t need me serving as just one more reminder of just how fragile we can be. I also don’t want to pretend everything is just fine as that gives off the impression I stopped because I stopped feeling the love for it. Which to this day, regardless of what I’ve endured, I never have.

So in a nutshell, I’m broken and I really don’t want to be broken. I’m patient yet utterly frustrated at my current limitations. I still want to ‘shine on’ but will have to settle for more of a faint flicker, for now.

We here at Diva Dirt wish Penni the best of luck – not only in regards to maintaining a clean bill of health and healing from injuries, but whatever she may choose to do with the rest of her life.

You can add Penni Lane on Facebook here. Today is her birthday!

For those of you whom have not seen Penni Lane in action, she is featured on PWWA’s Women’s Collection: Volume 1 DVD, which can be purchased on the PWA website. A handful of her matches are also available on her YouTube channel, with a sneak preview match being posted below.


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