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Francine Wants WWE To Stop Referring To Current Talent As “Queen of Extreme”

ECW original Francine has earned the title of “Queen of Extreme” and she wants WWE to stop using it for current talent.

Ever since Extreme Rules last year, Liv Morgan has shown a fearless extreme side of her. Lita has returned to WWE and is one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions and was a previous member of Team Xtreme back in her previous time with the company. Adding Queen to the word Extreme is Francine’s name and she wants WWE to stop using it for Lita, Morgan, or anyone else.

While speaking on her Eyes Up Here podcast, Francine commented on recent commentary referring to both Morgan and Lita as Queen of Extreme. She says that she is working on getting the term trademarked but it takes some time for it to go through. Francine has been working on that for the past six months to a year she says.

Francine adds that she knows her time in the ring is over, however, she doesn’t want her legacy erased. She also doesn’t want WWE to trademark the term because she gets it because it is what she has always been known by.

“I’m gonna get that trademark and if they continue to use it, we’re going to file a cease and desist, and that’s it, because they would do it to me.”

You can listen to the full podcast below –

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