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Gail Addresses Weekend Crazies

First ever TNA Knockout Champion, Gail Kim addressed the rumours that made rounds last weekend that she was returning to WWE. The rumours, of course, were made up by what I like to call the “weekend crazies”, a group of people who have too much time on their hands by the week’s end and so type up fake news stories. Anyway, Gail – gracefully as ever I might add – had the following to say:

orry its been soooo long since my last blog…ive never been as busy as i have been this year. I guess thats a good thing! Im always trying to keep up to date but its really hard when you are on the road constantly. So recently i received numerous emails regarding some rumors on the internet. Some people thought it would be a good idea to clear up the situation and thought it was blog worthy. This was of course the topic of me leaving TNA and returning to the WWE. By now, if you do keep up to date with wrestling news… you will know that the rumor was already cleared up and the news was completely inaccurate. I guess it was credited to a credible wrestling writer so people did believe it. I know I always sound like a broken record, but I have repeatedly told everyone not to believe everything they read. I understand its hard not to but I can honestly say that half the things written about me are never true and if they are, they always have inaccurate facts. so please remember to take everything with a grain of salt. I guess its just part of being in the public eye so I have to accept these things! Just so everyone knows, Im almost never home in the next 2 months so if i seem like im slacking, its just that im insanely busy. Love you guys!!! oh, and look out for a new special item that will be listed in the very near future in my ebay store!!!! xoxoxox0

I’ve always admired Gail for her way with words. If you’ll indulge me in a comparison with WWE’s Ashley, who addresses rumours brashfully in her blogs; meanwhile Gail is always dignified. Even though she’s no longer with WWE, she doesn’t bash them at every turn and corner. Gail is a consummate professional and I really admire her work ethic. If only other celebs had her eloquence! (What was up with Usher on TRL this week?!)

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