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Gail Drives “Spike” Through Controversy

They say controversy creates cash (oh wait, only Eric Bischoff says that), well TNA certainly created a lot of controversy with their commercial on Spike TV for iMPACT! The one where the Knockouts talk about how they don’t compete in pillowfights etc. No? You’re lost? Thank God for YouTube…

It seems head Knockout, Gail Kim has been paying attention the Internet mauling the Knockouts have received as a result of the commercial and has decided to tell her side of the story:

so i have received a lot of comments, emails etc regarding the new spiketv commercial for the tna knockouts. I guess some people are offended or think we are bashing the other company so i thought i would address the issue. First of all, i think the point of the commercial was to feature us which was nice and made us feel appreciated for all the hard work we have put in for TNA and spike. A lot of people are saying most of you were former divas and now youre bashing them? well first of all, I would hope that a lot of people would have common sense to know that we dont have control over the script of the commercial and secondly i think everyone is overreacting to it. we are in a competitive entertainment market and things like this happen all the time. I think the WWE has a lot of talented girls…Ive worked and trained with some of them and dont knock how hard they have worked to get to this level. Personally I loved the commercial and am proud of everything the Knockouts division has accomplished so far and feel like its finally the time that we are featured in this kind of way! so i hope people can see the positive side of this and if not, well sorry you feel like you have to dwell on it !!!

love gail

Just like Gail writes, she and her fellow Knockouts aren’t in the creative know-how, they are given a script and expected to perform. While I don’t agree with the commercial and the pot shots from TNA, Gail makes a fair point. I am glad it’s Gail and not any other Knockout being the first one to speak out, because to be blunt none of the other girls should dare have a say. Gail is a well respected performer, who has reached heights in both WWE and TNA. All I’m sayin’ is it wouldn’t sound the same if Christy Hemme were the one making this post…

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