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Gail Kim and Melina Comment on Their WWE Departures

Gail Kim and Melina, who quit and were released by WWE respectively, have both commented on their departures from the company.

Kim, who requested her release, wrote on her Twitter page:

Every1 sounds upset or sad or me its the best thing ever. Now my life can begin. All the negativity is gone and control over my life. No one can hold me down but me now!

Meanwhile, Melina wrote on her Twitter page:

Feel free to Tweet, write, call @WWE about how u feel about anything. You deserve to be heard regarding any matter. Strength in numbers.

I love you all so dearly and reading all of your tweets. Seeing the trend… I know w/out a doubt, I’m a lucky woman!

In the next few days you will see many updates on the matter, so keep checking I will definitely Blog & Vlog about it.

I’ve been through quite a bit of stuff in my life. I Overcame each time. I’ll never give up. Not now. I’ll Always fight & #StayStrong

Melina’s boyfriend, WWE Superstar, John Morrison also posted a very moving message about Melina:

I’ve always believed that Melina is the most talented Diva ever employed by World Wrestling Entertainment. (not to mention the hottest!) Her face conveys emotion. Vince McMahon likes to say “Television is a feeling” and I agree with him. That’s what Sports Entertainment is all about. Melina’s presence on Television, aside from the obvious (she be sexy!) is raw emotion- joy, rage, surprise, disgust… her passion just pours out of her.
Melina’s presence on Monday Night Raw will be missed by the WWE universe… and especially by me.
I think this is the end of a chapter in the book of @RealMelina – I met Melina on my audition for Tough Enough 3, I never forgot the smile, and hug she gave me when I made the show and she got cut and told to go home. I’ve stood next to her with Joey while MNM was yelled at; told we’d never make it, we were worthless. I’ve seen her come back from 2 career threatening injuries. She is one of a kind, and talented enough to do whatever she wants. I’m proud to be her man. I love her, and will support whatever she chooses to do next.
#staystrong #thankyoumelina

Be sure to show Gail and Melina your appreciation for their entertainment by tweeting #ThankYouGail and #ThankYouMelina.

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