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Get To Know: Stella Grey

Wanting to get a look at fresh faces in women’s wrestling, it’s time we… ‘Get To Know’ them.

With the recent inclusion of the Women of Honor Write-Ups, we felt it would great to speak to someone from their division… and that we did! We got the chance to interview Stella Grey, one of the Ring of Honor Dojo’s recent graduates. She recently appeared for Women of Honor in a strong showing against Karen Q, but sadly came up short in her first outing.

But despite that, she is looking to make waves in the Women’s Wrestling world! Here is what she had to say during our chat.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us Stella Grey. Would you mind tell us a little about who you are for those who don’t know of you?

Thank you so much for having me. Well I’m a recent graduate of the ROH Dojo in Bristol, PA. I was born & raised in Philadelphia. My parents are like night & day. My mom is like a little “Susie Homemaker”.  Just the sweetest, kindest, give the shirt off her own back type of person. Now my dad on the other hand, is a stubborn, hard-ass, not the type of person you want to meet in a dark alley type of guy.  So growing up I kind of always struggled with the labels of good & bad. But I learned not everything is black & white; there’s shades of grey.

How did you first become attracted to this weird world of professional wrestling?

Well that’s easy. It is a vivid memory. I remember being a young kid going into my brother’s room one night & he was watching wrestling. But it wasn’t like any type of wrestling I’ve seen before. It was a match between Beulah McGuilicuty & Fonzie. And she colored him red. My little mind was blown! Like a girl can fight a guy?! And not only that but win?! It just made me believe anything could be possible in wrestling. I asked him what is this? He said with a big smile on his face, this is ECW. I became an immediate fan! I would sneak out to shows & autograph signings etc. just to be a part of it any way I could.

So you are officially a graduate of the famed Ring of Honor Dojo. What was it like taking your first steps inside it, and how has it made you the person you are today?

Yes I am. It still feels weird to say that, cause I don’t think you ever really graduate. You’re constantly learning & growing. Wrestling is an ever changing business.

Taking the initial steps were probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I remember just going back & forth of should I or shouldn’t I. But then realizing one of the top schools in the country is so close to me, I would be a fool not to try. The first couple days/weeks were absolute hell. They don’t tell you that signing up. I remember thinking the morning after the first night of training how sore & beat up I was. I seriously could barely walk. Also I was the only girl in my class so it was tough because you don’t want to be seen as the weakest one either. So you start to have that devil on your shoulder just saying to quit, it’s not worth it etc. But then one of my trainers Will Ferrara texted me (basically reading my mind), saying I know how much pain you’re in but don’t give up. Keep that fighter spirit & power through it. He’s been such a supportive, positive influence for me. That’s the push I needed just to show up again. And basically that’s how it is in the beginning just take it one day at a time.

The Dojo is very much about humility, patience & perseverance. It is a very tight knit family. Every single one of those guys I consider my brother. But we are always accepting of anyone who walks through those doors & puts in effort. I can always go to Cheeseburger for advice on wrestling or life in general. I literally think I talk to Cheeseburger every day. Shaheem Ali is like my protective older brother. A lot of my training I like to do with Ali because no matter what he always keeps me safe. Also he’s always talking or texting giving me ideas about gear or maybe trying some new move sets etc. Now Delirious I call my personal Buddha. I don’t need to go into it, because it takes a very long time to understand his language. So I’m grateful I took the time to learn how. But to me he is the all wise & all knowing.  At the end of it all, all of these guys & the rest of my Dojo brothers & sisters have made me who I am today. And that is always be driven & persevere but always stay humble & be a kind, positive person.

How would you describe your character & in-ring style to those who have never seen your work?

I’m a Philly girl through & through. We’re a little rough around the edges but that’s because of our thick skin & built in toughness. It’s kind of a requirement in my city. That being said I’m kind of a brawler I like striking people. I like a good forearm or European uppercut. It just comes naturally with that Philly mentality I guess.  But also being trained at the ROH Dojo has given me many tricks in my arsenal. Just the simplicity of choking someone out with my Shades of Grey Dragon sleeper is beautiful to me. So you never know what you can get from me.

What inspirations have driven you the most? Favourite Wresters? Men or Women? Anyone outside of wrestling perhaps?

Oh that’s a tough one. So for the initial inspiration to actually go follow my dreams, I would say would be my brother. He left everything from home, quit his job & moved to NYC to pursue his dreams of becoming a standup comedian. I just thought wow that takes a lot of balls to bet on yourself like that. So it just made me think why can’t I? 

And as a female wrestler I would not have the opportunities I have today without the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita & Chyna. I loved Lita growing up she was just such a bad-ass to me. She wasn’t your typical pinup looking female wrestler & she didn’t care. Lita could dress however she wanted & let her wrestling speak for itself. She was like a rocker chick that had no fear. I loved it!

As for men, there’s too many to name. I feel like you can learn so much from each one of them. Like Shawn Michaels showmanship, Eddie Guerrero’s athleticism, Jake the Snake & Dusty Rhodes for their mic work, and then Chris Jericho who encompasses all of those things. Every single one of those guys knew exactly how to captivate a crowd.

Not too long ago, you had your official Women of Honor debut against Karen Q. Unfortunately you weren’t able to defeat the new undefeated streak in the Women of Honor, but what was it like making your debut for Women of Honor?

Karen is a fierce competitor. You can’t take getting into the ring with her lightly. Unfortunately I wasn’t as prepared as I thought. But I think she saw even though I’m new, I can put up a good fight.

Debuting for Women of Honor felt like a dream like maybe it didn’t really happen. I mean you spend all this time training, preparing & thinking & then all of a sudden you get the call. At the time you think it’s so far in the distance so when it happens it just kind of feels surreal. It was just my lifetime dream come true honestly. Now don’t get me wrong it was nerve wracking. I felt weirdly calm the day before the show but then once I put my gear on that’s when the full blown nerves kicked in, pacing back & forth backstage. I guess it could be easily read on my face because a bunch of the guys from the locker room were checking on me & joking around saying they could see how nervous I was. Debuting for Women of Honor is a huge deal! But I felt like there was a little more added pressure on me because I came from the ROH Dojo. No matter what the outcome I just wanted to make my trainers & the Dojo proud.

The actual match I barely remember, just like I said it felt like I was dreaming it. It wasn’t until I got backstage & started talking to some of the guys that I realized HOLY S**T I just wrestled for Women of Honor!  I’ve always heard there’s nothing like the Ring of Honor locker room. But it wasn’t until that day that I fully understood or appreciated it. I had vets come up & ask me about my match.  I was just so in awe because I felt like I’m the lowest rung on the ladder, but they were actually interested & cared about it. Everyone in that locker room wants the best out of everyone & the best for the company.

What are your future goals you hope to reach in your future? Any other promotions you are eyeing up other than ROH?

I’m always open to travel & work for as many companies as possible. That’s the dream, travel the world doing what you love. I mean I think anyone who is serious about this business dreams about going to Japan & wrestling there. New Japan & Stardom are kind of the epitome of what professional wrestling is & should be, at least in my opinion. So the fact that Ring of Honor & Women of Honor have working relationships with them is not only extremely fortunate but also shows the standard we are on as well.  ROH’s motto is “This is Wrestling”. And the company & the locker room etc. take that very seriously. We will give you 110% for every single match & show.

I love ROH & WOH!  I consider it my home. So I want to do anything & everything to build it up & make it the best company around. So honestly my goal is to make WOH the best women’s wrestling around. Mandy & Jenny (aka Dojo sisters) who have been so supportive of me since day one, have talked about this. We all have the same goal, we want a women’s championship for WOH. We want the best of the best to come to WOH & compete. Because of ROH’s motto, we want WOH to be the future standard of women’s wrestling.

Any up-coming shows you’d like to promote for people to see you at?

I have PWE in Philadelphia on September 8, I’m at the Monster Factory in Paulsboro, NJ often, FIGHT Pro Wrestling in Rockville, MD on September 17 & maybe some other upcoming dates as well. I have a couple other dates/shows I’m working on as well. I’m on the road with ROH a lot as well. My social media pages are always updated for any new or upcoming dates.

It’s been a pleasure getting the chance to get to know you more Stella! How can the Diva-Dirt reader follow up on your future activities?

Thank you so much again for having me! You can check me out & stay updated on upcoming dates on any of my social media pages.

Facebook: Stella Grey

Twitter: @StellaGrey215

Instagram: @stellagrey215

Thanks once again to Stella Grey for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope for all the best in everything she sets out to accomplish.

But what do you guys think? Have we introduced you to your new favourite wrestler? Impressed with what you have seen? Do YOU want to see a Women of Honor Championship in ROH just like Stella and the other women? Or maybe you have any suggests for who we can ‘Get To Know’ next? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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