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Gigi Dolin Returns And Attacks Jacy Jayne On Feb. 21 NXT


Gigi Dolin returned after the brutal attack on her by her former Toxic Attraction teammate Jacy Jayne just a couple of weeks ago.

Jayne took on Indi Hartwell on this week’s NXT. Hartwell had a problem with how Toxic Attraction belittled and treated the whole locker room during their tenure. And now that they have parted ways, Hartwell isn’t going to welcome Jayne with open arms.

Just as Jayne was possibly ready to put away Hartwell, the match between the two ended in a disqualification. Dolin made her return and attacked Jayne from behind. The attack spilled out to the outside of the ring as Dolin tossed Jayne into both barricades. Jayne tried to get away but Dolin stayed on her as they made their way to the back to end the segment.

Another match this week had Alba Fyre take on Ivy Nile and come out with a victory. For the past couple of weeks, Isla Dawn and Fyre have been trying to convince Tatum Paxley that she isn’t truly a member of Diamond Mine. Paxley hesitated to come to the ring with Nile which then had Nile convince her not to let Dawn & Fyre get into her head.

Paxley would come to the ring, but at the end of the match when she was on the ring apron, Nile inadvertently knocked her off which allowed Fyre to get the victory off of the Alba Drop.

The Women’s Tag Team Champions had a rift last week during Valentine’s Day when Fallon Henley showed she still doesn’t trust Kiana James. She ruined the date between James and Brooks Jensen when she accused James of cheating on Jense with someone named Zack. Zack turned out to be James’ brother.

Henley had to swallow her pride and apologized to James in person for accusing her of cheating.

Sol Ruca wants another shot at Zoey Stark, but Stark is seemingly interested in facing Meiko Satomura claiming she is the final boss instead. Stark will face Satomura next week.

Meanwhile, Satomura was holding a training session in which the NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez wanted to take part in. Perez would quickly realize she shouldn’t have volunteered for this. After all of the other girls dropped out, Perez finished the 1,000 squats only to realize that this was only the warm-up.

Stevie Turner had a promo on Lyra Valkyria.

Lastly, Nikkita Lyons returned to say that she had successful surgery on her ACL but will be out for at least close to a year. After applying that it may have been Stratton that attacked Lyons in the parking lot, Stratton assured her that would be below the bottom of her list to do. She then had a Tiffany Epiphany and told Lyons to vanish for a year.

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