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Gladiator Inferno Gets Loaded

Time to fill our “miscellaneous” quota for the month! Here is former WWE Diva hopeful, Jemma Palmer who is now known as Inferno on the hit British reboot of Gladiators as you’ve never seen her before! The Brit is a trained wrestler who auditioned in 2005 for a WWE contract when they were in the UK. It was from those tryouts that WWE hired current Raw Diva, Katie Lea. Unfortunately for Jemma, she wasn’t picked up by WWE but has found nationwide success on Gladiators, Inferno is cashing in with this revealing spread in Loaded magazine.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that Jemma has the Diva look down pat, she is certainly willing to show some skin! And unlike some of our current crop, Jemma is quite the wrestler also:

Jemma is a wrestler, trained by the team behind Ultimate Warrior, having won a scholarship with Ultimate Pro Wrestling. She was also invited to be a WWE Diva Search finalist and was a Musclemania finalist and fitness competitor. Jemma has been a Miss Hawaiian Tropic finalist, a Ms USA Dream Bikini Body finalist, a Maxim Little Black Book UK top three winner and a Miss Maxim UK finalist. She also has a purple belt in submission wrestling.

Check out the pictures below! What do you think? Has WWE missed the boat on this fiery redhead?

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