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GLOW, episode 8 review “Not the right time. Not the right baby.”

It’s that time of the month, and the GLOW girls find that they’re all on the same cycle … except for Ruth. After some back and forth on the merits of tampons versus pads (especially when applying head-scissors), the girls plan a birthday party for Sheila the She-Wolf. Ruth sneaks out to buy a pregnancy test and, after a long, painful wait, she discovers she is in fact pregnant, presumably from her tryst with Mark.

With Bash gone AWOL, Sam brings Ruth to help scout an old theater as a shooting site for the TV show. Sam has a vision, envisioning a complex lighting scheme, multiple cameras, and other amenities, oblivious to the fact that his producer/money-mark has run out of dough. Still, it’s nice to see grumpy Sam legitimately excited about a project.

And, speaking of Sam, episode 8 is the episode where those clamoring for a view of Marc Maron’s bare ass get their fill. Sam feels he’s losing his authority with the girls as Rhonda has been openly talking about “shagging” him. Sam takes her on a drive, intending to break up with her, only to cut to a scene of the two in bed together. But, when the deed is done, it’s Rhonda who decides to cut the cord with Sam.

“You don’t actually like me, Sam,” Rhonda says. “You’re just afraid to be alone.”

Debbie comes home and gives Mark her signed divorce papers, but he tears them up. He begs her to come back home and give their marriage another shot.

The girls take Sheila out roller-skating for her birthday. Initially reluctant, Sheila winds up having a blast. Ruth steals away, just as Rhonda arrives, fresh off her split with Sam. Ruth returns to The Dusty Spur and makes a phone call.

The next morning, Ruth is sitting outside as Sam pulls up. With no questions asked, Sam drives her to the abortion clinic, making small talk about how he let Rhonda down easy. At the clinic, Sam tries to inject soe humor into a somber moment, claiming that he is Ruth’s husband. “Luckily for us, we both hate children, right honey?” he cracks.

As they wait for Ruth to be called, Sam asks Ruth if she is sure she wants to proceed with the abortion.

“It’s not the right time,” Ruth says. “Not the right baby.”

As the episode ends, Ruth is in stirrups, looking up at a faded painting of a bright blue sky overhead.

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