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Mae Young Classic Qualifier: Aliyah vs Bianca BelAir

To prepare for the Mae Young Classic, WWE is holding a few qualifier matches allowing up and coming talent from NXT to join the 32 women tournament.

This week WWE uploaded its first qualifying match pitting NXT rising talent Aliyah against newbie Bianca BelAir. The match also introduces to new female referee Kennadi Brink.

The women tie up and start mat wrestling. Bianca takes control of the match but Aliyah uses her speed and experience to turn the tide. Aliyah does a beautiful baseball slide into a leg lariat as she attempts to put Bianca away.

Aliyah tries to slow Bianca down but she’s having none of it. She throws Aliyah into the ropes and then uses her hair as some creative offense to whip Aliyah across the stomach!

Aliyah, looking angry and surprised, starts making her way to her feet but Bianca comes at her full force with clubbing fists. She then displays her power by picking Aliyah up and squatting before slamming her down on the mat. She continues her dominance by holding Aliyah down in a submission working her back and arms.

Bianca picks up Aliyah in a chicken wing and throws her down into the mat. She snapmares her into the ground and continues working her arms, shoulders and back with a chicken wing submission.

Bianca attempts another chicken wing slam but Aliyah reverses it with a roll up. Aliyah begins making a comeback with clothes lines and a swinging neckbreaker. She tries to put Bianca away with a northern lights suplex but it’s not enough. Aliyah continues fighting Bianca but Bianca uses her strength again to hoist her up into a neck breaker on her knee.

Aliyah slowly rises but Bianca plants her with a spear for the win.

Thoughts: I already like Bianca from what little I’ve seen of her and that’s a really good sign. I must say, I’m elated WWE is holding these matches to show us who these women really are.

While NXT sorts itself out there are plenty of women at the PC just waiting for a shot and matches like this help acclimate the audience to new women on the scene and shows what they can do. Every bit helps the audience become intrigued by these new faces.

Bianca already shows much promise with her strength and creative hair whip. I was living for that moment and so was the crowd, judging from their surprised reaction. She’s already set herself apart from the competition with her power. She does not hold back. Her look and attitude already sets her apart. I get a feel right now that she’s a cross between Jacqueline and Jazz, a power house who won’t take any crap. This is great and already sets a foundation for her character, which presumably will be fleshed out through this tournament and her arrival on the NXT roster.

This was also a good outing by Aliyah. Her gimmick is still super flat and that’s a shame but she’s still very young, in her early 20s, so there’s time to grab hold of something unique. Her experience plays well here with Bianca. Aliyah is definitely someone to watch because she has the skills, that baseball slide into the lariat was super smooth and she’s coming along with her power moves. I can see her going far in the future, but right now she’s doing her job well as enhancement for more inexperienced girls. Hey, that role is OK and I’m certain she’ll eventually get her due. Before the Four Horsewomen became what they are, most of them were in the background helping the other girls come up. Everyone has to start somewhere.

What did you think of this qualifying match? Are you impressed by Bianca? Sound off in the comments below.

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