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Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part Three

Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating our sixth anniversary of dreaming up Halloween costumes for the Divas and Knockouts. This year we’ll mixing Knockouts and Divas together in three posts leading up to the big day.

But before you see this year’s picks, be sure to catch up on the past five years of this feature:

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Paige: Lulu from Final Fantasy.

With her Anti-Diva gimmick, black and silver ring gear and penchant for screaming, NXT Women’s Champion Paige already stands out in a crowd. Her twin? None other than Lulu from the popular Final Fantasy X video game. Lulu wields a sharp-tongue and a fearsome arsenal of black magic. Often called “grumpy” or “scary” by her peers, we think Lulu’s personality and very unique attire suits Paige to a T.

Written by Katelyn.

Renee Young: Lois Lane from Man of Steel.

Over the past year we’ve grown to love WWE roving reporter Renee Young, and to see her graduate to the commentating position at NXT pleases us to no end. She’s certainly got the spunk of Lois Lane, who will do practically anything to get a story. And, though Renee’s craft hasn’t put her in mortal danger yet, we think her encounters with Paul Heyman come close enough.

Rosa Mendes: El Torito.

When Rosa fans discovered that she wouldn’t be managing Los Matadores (aka Primo and Epico, her former team), they were certainly disappointed. Instead, the team is accompanied to the ring by El Torito, a mini wrestler dressed as a bull. If Rosa wants to get her old position back, she might as well audition for it and wear the bull costume herself.

Sasha Banks: Bruce Springsteen.

Sasha’s new, evil persona likes to call herself “the Boss”, which calls to mind the person who made the moniker famous, music legend Bruce Springsteen. We think wearing the costume – a muscle shirt, blue jeans, bandana and guitar – will make the moniker really stick, even when Halloween’s over!

Stephanie McMahon: Sif from Thor.

Lately, Stephanie has become more and more ferocious, taking charge of the WWE verbally and physically alongside Triple H. This makes us think of the warrior Sif, who battles alongside Thor (who her husband resembled once upon a time). Strap her in some armor, give her a sword and shield (and a magic choker) and she’ll be able to ward off Big Show all by herself.

Summer Rae: Malibu Barbie (with Fandango as Ken).

Summer and Fandango are so impossibly well-coiffed and good looking that they remind us of America’s favorite “perfect” couple, Barbie and Ken. Though, with their ballroom-worthy fake tans, they bear a greater resemblance to the Malibu versions of the dolls. Heck, with Summer’s bitchy NXT persona, maybe we could even turn this into a Most Popular Girls in School costume while we’re at it.

Tamina Snuka: Red from Orange is the New Black.

Tamina’s new ruthless side has brought out the worst (or, rather, best) in her. As she does AJ Lee‘s dirty work, she can be seen donning some form of black leather, looking like the bodyguard she’s supposed to be. But if she really wanted to give herself some edge, she should take a few pointers from Red of Orange is the New Black, head of the prison kitchens and all-around HIBC. Truly, the measure of a ruthless woman is her ability to starve someone out.

Velvet Sky: Skyler from Breaking Bad (with Chris Sabin as Walter White).

The toxic relationship between Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin may not be as catastrophic as that of Skyler and her meth-cooking husband, but it certainly isn’t healthy. Sabin’s used Velvet as a distraction or human shield countless times, making us wonder why Velvet event sticks around. We think taking on the dynamic of Skyler and Walter could be a much needed therapy exercise for the couple.

Vickie Guerrero: Grumpy cat.

One of the most beloved memes to come out of 2013 was Grumpy Cat, a cat who had a permanent scowl on his face. Heck, not even Anderson Cooper could make him smile. The WWE’s resident cougar could pay tribute to this fellow feline by putting on one of her own famous frowns. If she wants to go method, she can just picture Brad Maddox‘s face.

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