Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Gonzalez successful in her first title defense; Stark and Storm collide next week


Raquel Gonzalez is still the NXT Women’s Champion after a hard fought match against Mercedes Martinez.

Leading up to tonight’s title match, Gonzalez and Martinez have been clashing over their differences. Martinez being a 20-year veteran while Gonzalez saying that she has accomplished more in one year than Martinez has her entire career made this match very personal. One thing the two have in common is they are both strong competitors.

As the match comes to its conclusion, Martinez gets a count of two from a Fisherman Buster. Gonzalez then bounced back with a big boot. The champ followed it up with her one-armed powerbomb to put away Martinez and retain her title. Dakota Kai was at ringside and in the corner of Gonzalez but did not interfere in the match.

Announced for next week’s show is a rematch between Zoey Stark and Toni Storm. Stark defeated Storm at the last Takeover event, Stand & Deliver. Storm has been riddled with the fact that she lost to a rookie. Since then, Stark has been a thorn in the side of Storm as she cost her a match against newcomer Zayda Ramier. Can Stark go 2-0 over Storm next week?

Franky Monet has been seen weekly approaching various superstars since her debut several weeks ago. She first introduced herself to Raquel Gonzalez but since then has made sure others have known her name as well. She will be in action for the first time in an NXT ring in two weeks. An opponent for her has not been named at the time of this writing.

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