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Nikki Cross returns to the ring after three months on this week’s Main Event

*Spoilers on match result listed in this article*

Nikki Cross is returning to the ring on this week’s Main Event which was pre-taped before RAW. This will be the first time Cross has had a match since the Feb. 1 episode of RAW where she was defeated by Alexa Bliss.

Cross had several videos in January that she posted on her social media leading up to this year’s Royal Rumble match. The videos included a different side to Cross showing her being frustrated for not being utilized or given opportunities. Cross would end up being in the Royal Rumble match entering at spot 20 and was eliminated after seven minutes by Carmella.

Cross is a former two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Alexa Bliss. Once Bliss aligned herself with The Fiend last year, the two would eventually part ways.

Credit: WWE

Her opponent this week on Main Event was Naomi and she was victorious.

As for Naomi, she had a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match last week with her partner Lana. After losing once again by the hands of an interfering Reginald, Naomi stated in a WWE Exclusive that she was tired of her and Lana losing. She suggested to start cheating to win or get a third to even the odds.

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