Monday, July 4, 2022

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Great Balls of Fire Results: Alexa Bliss retains the Raw Women’s Title

Tonight at WWE’s Great Balls of Fire, Alexa Bliss was able to hold on to her Raw Women’s Title against Sasha Banks via a count-out victory.

At the start of both Superstars traded blows with Sasha managing to take down Alexa with a deep arm drag. Alexa faked-out a broken arm which only served a small distraction for Alexa to deliver a shot to Sasha.

Midway through the match, Sasha was able to trap Alexa in the Bank Statement but the champion was able to escape. Alexa slipped to the outside, looking to walk out of the match by heading to the back which caused for Sasha to chase after her.

During the chase, Alexa managed to knock Sasha off the ring apron, hurting Sasha’s back. When both Superstars returned to the ring, Alexa continued to target Sasha’s back. Sasha battled back and was able to bide some time by suplexing the champion to a turnbuckle.

As Alexa fought back she climbed the top rope, looking to connect the Twisted Bliss. Sasha countered by getting her knees up and would go on to connect the Bank Statement but the champion once again escaped the hold via rope break.

Both Superstars found their way back to the outside where Sasha was able to send Alexa to the barricade. From there, Alexa would remain on the outside until the referee count outed her out thus awarding Sasha the win but allowed for Alexa to retain the Raw Women’s Title.

Post match, an angered Sasha went after Alexa leading to a brawl all the way to the commentary announcement table that ended with Sasha delivering a high flying double knee shot to Alexa.

What did you think of the match?

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