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Happy Thanksgiving!


To all of our readers in the United States, we’d like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a fantastic holiday and thank you all for your support of the site. To those outside of the US, well thank you too!

The Diva Dirt team have written our own individual messages of thanks, which you can read after the cut.

Erin: I want to thank all of our readers for visiting Diva Dirt this year and allowing it to grow sooo far beyond our expectations. When I say “our readers” I mean all of you: the ones that love us as well as the ones that hate us. The mere fact that you visit the site and put enough thought in to comment and show your respect for our work (or not!) shows that we’ve done our job, more or less. That job, in a sense, is to provide a place for Diva and Knockout fans to convene, debate, celebrate, whatever. While we may not always agree or get along (and I know that’s an epic understatement), it’s our appreciation for these women that brings us together, and that’s what’s most important. I mean, at times it feels like we’re an endangered species (women’s wrestling fans, that is), so we need to keep each other alive and not maul each other to death, okay? Just keep that in mind. As long as you keep your actions civil, I appreciate all of you and want to thank you for giving us a reason to do this. Without the readers, Diva Dirt wouldn’t have made it past the first month. I hope we’ll be around for a long time, and only you guys will determine if we do. Have a happy holidays and all that jazz.

Melanie: It’s been an incredible year for Diva Dirt and I have so much to be thankful for! First of all, to all the Divas, Knockouts and other women of wrestling who provide us the entertainment that forms the foundation of this website. Love ’em or hate ’em, they give us endless discussion points! I’m thankful for all the amazing women we’ve come into contact with over the past year — all of the Divas/Knockouts etc. that have written in to tell us they love the site, all of those who follow us on Twitter and all of those who have granted us interviews! It makes everything we do that much more worth while. I’m also thankful for the amazing team we’ve formed here at the site; Erin, Krissy, Steven and Tiffany — it’s taken us a long time to get there but we finally have a well-rounded team of writers and not just that, we’ve all become such good friends and I value your friendship more than anything. And to all of you, our readers, without you we wouldn’t be here. You keep coming back everyday [some of you multiple times a day!] and take the time to read and comment. Without that, we’d be writing for ourselves and that’d make the whole site invalid! Even the haters, who trash us or send us threats, you keep coming back and seem to hang on our every word — must mean we’re doing something right. Thank you everyone and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Steven: First and foremost, I’m thankful to be a part of Diva Dirt, and being able to share my thoughts and opinions on such a broad scale. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had this year: working with SHIMMER and being able to interview some of my favorite wrestlers. I’m thankful for all the lovely ladies of WWE/TNA/SHIMMER for putting their bodies on the line to entertain us every week. I’m thankful to work alongside Melanie, Erin, Tiffany and Krissy, four of the funniest, smartest and all-around awesome people I know. I’m thankful for WWE/TNA/SHIMMER entertaining and/or giving me something to bitch and moan about for all these years. Last, but definitely not least, I’m thankful for all the readers of Diva Dirt. Without you guys, none of this would be possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiffany: I’m thankful for the support and work that goes into Diva Dirt behind the scenes. Without my fellow writers, Diva Dirt wouldn’t be what it is. Furthermore, I’d like to thank the readers, the fans, and those who truly appreciate what this site has to offer. Those awesome people are who we truly do this for, after all! Most of all, I’m thankful for the amazing Divas for going out there and doing what they do. For without their talent and brilliance, none of this would be possible. A special thanks goes out to the lovely Shelly Martinez, Kristal Marshall, and Traci Brooks who were gracious enough to share their personal experiences with yours truly. An honorable mention goes out to Divas like Maria, Sunny, Lacey Von Erich and the like, for always bringing the lulz.

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