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Unwrapped: Divas Thanksgiving Photoshoot

In celebration of Thanksgiving, this edition of Unwrapped will feature the Divas’ Thanksgiving-themed photoshoot, in which each dress in their best (or most stereotypical) Native American costumes. (Click here to see the full photoshoot.)

We’ll give you the chance to give your own grade to each photoshoot, “branding” each like so: Sweet means it’s great, Bland means it’s on the fence, and Sour means it’s just awful. Now, let’s unwrap this eye candy:

Alicia Fox
Grade: Bland. The color and fit of the dress make it look more like a potato sack than a dress. The matching blue trim and headband are cute, though, and the red feather absolutely pops. But still, for someone we’ve dubbed “Alicia Fierce”, she could have cooked up a far more fierce costume than this!
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Beth Phoenix
Grade: Sweet. I love that Beth went pretty bare-bones and wore (what looks like) a deer skin outfit fashioned with her own two hands. I’d totally buy it if you told me Beth took down and skinned the deer herself. So sexy! ..Not the “killing animals” part, of course. You know what I mean.
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Read more to see the rest of the Thanksgiving looks and vote for your favorite.

Eve Torres
Grade: Bland. The off-the-shoulder top and skirt look a little cheesy in this context– like a sexed-up Pocahantas or something. It just looks like a stereotypical “Indian Princess” costume straight out of a Spencer’s Gifts or something. Just blah..
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Kelly Kelly
Grade: Bland. This look fits the “bland” label more so than any other I’ve ever seen, I think. The dress is cute, but it’s so damn effortless. A plain tan dress and (not visible here) Nikes do not a Native American make. There’s just no effort here, and it shows.
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Grade: Sour. In the context of the shoot, this look doesn’t work at all. It seems like the only part of the stereotypical “Native American” themes present are the fringe and feathers, and they aren’t even that noticeable as that. Honestly, it just looks like a regular Maria shoot–and not a very good one at that. I mean, she’s even wearing the glove! I don’t think you could even rip that thing from her cold, dead hand. I think it actually might be glued on.
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Grade: Sweet. The dress is cute (and doesn’t look too costume-y), the hairpiece is a unique way to incorporate the hair feathers, and the furry moccasin boots allow the look to still have that signature “Melina” feel without compromising the look. She kept part of herself in the look and managed to look pretty cute doing it, and that’s pretty much all you need to do in these types of shoots.
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Mickie James
Grade: Sweet. If the past is any indication, this theme was right up Mickie’s alley. So understandably, she went all the way with it, wearing a feather, beaded headband and matching dress, as well as some fancy “earthy” beads wrapped around her foot. The looks has a cutesy “earth child” feel with it, and I love it. She probably had more fun with this than anybody else, and it shows.
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Grade: Sweet. It’s simple, but the dress works on its own. Unlike Kelly’s dress, this one has more life to it, with its pretty shade of brown, blue accents, strapless cut, and tight fit. It’s certainly didn’t have the most effort put into it, but it doesn’t hurt that Natayla sells the look with her enthusiastic poses. She just looks gorgeous and sensual in this dress, whereas Kelly looked (as she often does) pretty bored with it all. I think Natalya looks more natural (makeup-wise) and at-ease in this shoot than she has in any other–her tousled hair probably has something to do with that, too.
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Rosa Mendes
Grade: Sweet. Rosa captures the “natural” feel too, with her bare feet and wavy hair. The barely noticeable feather looks natural too (i.e. no strange colors not found on birds in nature) and the dress is eye-catching with its corset-like cut and fit. I feel that if a look has like this has to be super-sexy (with lots of boobage and such), don’t make it cheesy with pirate wench-esque bare shoulders and stuff like that. Rosa manages to keep it non-cheesy but still very sexy.
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Grade: Bland. I like the fringed armband, but the dress is blah. Overall it’s a nice look, and Savannah looks super cute, but there’s something about it that’s missing. It doesn’t feel very “Native American” to me for some reason, and it’s probably because her headband looks remarkably like a sweatband (hey, maybe she was getting in a workout in the outfit afterwards). I’m not feeling the boots either–I think they clash with the decidedly casual theme. She gets an A+ in cuteness, though.
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Grade: Sour. Attack of the fringe! Tiffany, I think someone attacked your otherwise very cute look with a can of silly string. You might want to think about cleaning that stuff off.
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Be sure to grade each Thanksgiving-inspired look, vote for your favorite below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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