Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Hard Justice: ODB Wins Knockouts Title, But Wait There’s More…

Moments ago at Hard Justice, ODB and Cody Deaner defeated Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to take the Knockouts Championship. Deaner rolled up Velvet after a botched attempt to spray him in the eyes by Madison Rayne on the outside, she instead accidentally sprayed Velvet allowing Deaner to win.

Afterwards, ODB was announced as the new Knockouts Champion but Deaner snatched it out of her hands taking it for himself.

Yes folks, a man has posession of the Knockouts Championship — something even WWE wasn’t silly enough to pull the trigger on. Does this negate all the hard work these talented women have put into the division? I would say yes and if I were one of the Kongs, Taras, Saritas etc., I would be pissed. With ‘unfiltered Vince Russo’, some wrestling journos smarter than I expected something like this might happen. The Knockouts Title becomes but a prop in TNA’s idea of ‘comedy’.

And even if we look beyond the fact that a man has posession of the title, all the abrupt title changes are aggravating. It’s like they’re passing around the belt like candy.

On a brighter note, I felt the tension between Ang/Velvet and Madison was nicely done, post-match.

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