Friday, April 12, 2024

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Have TNA Gone Too Far? Knockouts 10,000 Tacks Match on Impact


Following last night’s death-defying Monster’s Ball Match at Slammiversary that saw Taylor Wilde leap from an amplifier and Daffney slammed into a pool of thumbtacks, TNA seem to be milking the spot for all it’s worth — the company have announced the first ever Knockouts 10,000 Tacks Match for Impact this Thursday night between the two women.

I fully appreciate that TNA breaks boundaries and pushes the envelope, but I felt the whole thumbtacks thing last night was going a little too far and it really made me feel uncomfortable watching it. I can understand why they did it, it was a cool spot in an awesome match and gave fans a great PPV payoff, but why can’t they just draw a line under it there?

This match on Impact, to me, is pushing the envelope a little far. What do you think? Should TNA have left it at that or are you looking forward to seeing a 10,000 Tacks Match?

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