Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Heat Between Michelle and Natalya?

While it seems SmackDown’s answer to Trish and Lita are destined to face off in the ring, there are rumblings that Michelle McCool and Natalya haven’t been getting along backstage. Read below:

There is said to be some legit heat between SmackDown Divas Michelle McCool and Natalya Neidhart. It’s all due to a recent incident involving the two.

McCool reportedly tried to re-teach Natalya, an 8-year wrestling veteran, on how to lock up correctly. She also wanted to show her how to work “WWE style.” Apparently, Neidhart didn’t take McCool’s attempt to teach her on her wrestling too well.

Gee, ya think?! Could you imagine a Diva Search contestant trying to teach you how to wrestle? Especially when you’re part of the Hart family?! Whatever the story is here, the part that irks me the most is “WWE style.” To translate, “WWE style” means “watered down.” As I’ve written here on the site in so many reviews, I just love watching Natalya wrestle, this girl has more ring presence than any of the other Divas and her matches are physical, intense and exciting. I don’t want to see her watered down!

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