Monday, March 4, 2024

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Divas Championship News & Notes

Well it seems the Divas Championship is finally gaining some steam and here’s the latest making the rounds on the Internet:

– According to one fan, the Divas Championship title was on show during the Divas match on SmackDown. So we will get out first look at the title tomorrow! The title apparently looks like the WWE Championship with pink diamonds on it. Not tacky at all… I guess I should reserve judgement till I see it!

– Elsewhere, it is expected that the title will be decided at The Great American Bash later this month. If you ask me this is a pretty good deal, given Raw’s women’s division has kind of been derailed by injuries of late. I think giving Raw and the Women’s Championship a rest from a pay per view could help. Plus they’d probably just have a Katie LeaMickie James match which we’ve already seen on pay per view, why not put the rematch on Raw and let SmackDown have a shot?

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