Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Hey Maryse, Haven’t We Seen That Dress Before?

Let it be known that a certain Miss Ouellet has impeccable fashion taste in my humble opinion, but it’s not like our Maryse to be caught dead wearing someone else’s sloppy seconds. What is going on here?

Everybody’s favourite French poodle rocked a silver mini-dress earlier tonight on WWE Superstars, and as gorgeous as she looked, the first thing that came to mind was, “Seen that dress before.”

Indeed, it is the same dress worn by SmackDown Diva, Rosa Mendes and TNA Knockout, Chelsea in two different photoshoots that just so happened to go online during the same week back in March. Eerie!

At the time, we joked that we were ‘seeing double‘, but seeing triple? What are the odds? (Well, actually, Nikki Bella, Maria and Michelle McCool were all seen in the same top last year.)

There goes our fantasy that Maryse never buys off the rack…

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