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High stakes stipulation added to Kamille vs. Thunder Rosa rematch

On this week’s NWA SuperPowerrr Thunder Rosa listened to Kamille’s demands in order for a rematch between the two to take place.

Kamille defeated Rosa for a number one contender spot for the NWA World Women’s Championship at Back for the Attack in March. Ever since then Rosa has been seething at a chance to get her revenge.

Kamille taking the win at Back for the Attack – credit NWA

Rosa, with the help of Melina, was able to get a rematch in the works. Kamille responded that she would agree to it under certain stipulations.

If Rosa wins then she will take Kamille’s spot as the number one contender. However, if Rosa loses then she can only wrestle for NWA and has to cease her work elsewhere. Rosa has been a frequent talent in AEW and is currently listed at the number two spot on their women’s rankings list.

Currently, the NWA World Women’s Champion Serena Deeb is scheduled for NWA’s next pay-per-view event When Our Shadows Fall which will take place on June 6. Deeb has been out of action for a number of months due to having care taken to her knee. There has not been a date for the Rosa vs. Kamille rematch but it is safe to say it will happen before the next pay-per-view.

Kamille recently spoke on Busted Open Radio about if she would be seen making an appearance on AEW programming.

“I would definitely bring a different twist to their product and the type of matches they have. The only way I would go there is if the business is there to do so. I understand a working relationship, but I’m team NWA. If the business got more eyes on our product, I’m all for it. Other than that, it is what it is.”

She shares also who she would love to face and “do business with” in AEW.

“Down the line, no time soon, this girl is brand new but she’s an absolute superstar is Jade Cargill. If you’re flipping channels and you see her, you’re like ‘What’s going on here?’ I like matches with people who are out of this world and you don’t see every day. The business is there for me and Jade.” [h/t Fightful]

What are your thoughts on the stipulation that Kamille has placed on Thunder Rosa? Do you think we are going to see Rosa become the new number one contender or will she be restricted to only working with NWA?

Leave your thoughts below.

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