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Himeka makes surprise debut at Stardom Is Again

STARDOM returned for the first time since Stardom Cinderella Tournament on March, 23, today for STARDOM Is Again.

The event took place infront of small crowd at Shinkiba 1st RING and featured five matches and the surprise debut of Himeka.

As per STARDOM’s announcement, the card was only announced as the matches started.

The event started with a ten bell salute to Hana Kimura.

Before the first match Jungle Kyona made her way to the ring to announce that she is unable to participate but will be back as soon as possible.

The first match was a Three-Way Match, which saw Rina vs Hina vs Natsu Sumire. Rina would leave the victor when she submitted Hina via Hydrangea submission.

Death Yama-san took on Saki Kashima. DEATH pinned Saki with a Crucifix just after the five minute mark.

Next up Konami faced Natsuko Tora. Konami won via disqualification when Natsuko used her chain to hang her over the top rope.

the following match was a Tag Team Match that saw four members of the Queen’s Quest stable AZM & Momo Watanabe team up to take on Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita. The match would go to a twenty time limit minute draw.

After the match Utami and Kamitani stated that they want to go after the Goddesses of Stardom tag team titles.

The main event was an Eight Woman Tag Team Match that had Donna del Mondo’s Giulia, XXX, Maika & Syuri vs STARS Mayu Iwatani, Saya Iida, Starlight Kid & Tam Nakano.

The secret member of Donna del Mondo was revealed to be STARDOM debutant, Himeka Arita. Himeka would make an instant impact by winning the match for her new stable by pinning Iida after an Argentine Backbreaker.

It was great to see STARDOM back with such a bang with a surprise debut from Himeka. Hopefully, we’ll them back very soon.

After the show the company took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support.

What do you make of STARDOM’s latest addition? Let us know in the comments below and as always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your women’s wrestling news.

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