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Holy Sh*t Part 2: Gail Headed to WWE!

The plot thickens… Gail Kim is heading back to the WWE! And the crowd roars! Earlier today, we reported that Gail is done with TNA. It has now been revealed Gail’s TNA leave was not a big scandal as first popped into my head when I heard the news, truth is her contract is up and WWE offered her a sizeable contract i.e. big money! Gail’s contract expires soon, as soon as it does she is expected to join the WWE.

While it’s sad to see the pioneer of the Knockouts division leave, I, for one, welcome her return to the WWE with open arms! Over the past couple of years, WWE has tried to hire more Asian stars to cater to the Asian market and there were reports that WWE had felt they missed the boat in losing Gail and that they had wanted her back. Now the dream is becoming a reality!!! This would explain why WWE has hired the likes of Lena Yada and Angela Fong, whom I hope they now drop. One would hope Gail will become part of Raw roster and in a big way, I think she could be a huge asset considering it’s become pretty stale with Mickie James at the forefront all the time. I cannot wait to see Gail vs Mickie, Melina and Beth Phoenix! Bring it on!!!

According to reports, Gail left TNA on the best of terms and the door has been left open for her. Gail’s final appearance for TNA will air tonight, in fact, it’s a bit of a downer as tonight was to be the start of a major storyline plot for Gail featuring her “sister”, Katie Kim. As I’ve reported here on Diva Dirt, one of the things that I admire about Gail is that even though she was unceremoniously dropped by WWE in 2004, she’s never out-and-out blasted the company and always acts like a consummate professional. Congratulations Gail!

EDIT: Gail signed her TNA contract on September 6, 2005. Since her contract is up, one must assume she signed a three year contract ending on September 6, 2008. Pure speculation on my end, but Unforgiven falls on Sunday, September 7th so I would expect Gail to return (if she returns to Raw) on Monday the 8th.

EDIT #2: WWE has reactivated it’s trademark of “Gail Kim”, confirming Gail’s jump.

EDIT #3: According to the latest report from Mike Johnson at PWInsider, Gail met with WWE’s Head of Talent, John Laurinaitis today in Tampa, Florida. This is the same man who informed her of her release back in 2004. Looks like this whole deal is moving at lightning speed! Hopefully, Gail will be under contract very soon =)

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