Sunday, May 26, 2024

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How TNA Pulled Off Kim Couture-Tara Fight

Last night’s Kim Couture-Tara fight has already gained a lot of buzz. A PWInsider fan report explains how the confrontation was pulled off:

The railing that Kim Couture ran through had already been opened, since it was used to move out the Ultimate X structure following the opener, and was also the spot where Booker T was stretchered. A TNA TV producer or floor director was stationed in that very spot all night. When Tara walked out, Vince Russo met her on the ramp and escorted her to the back. Atlas Security took Kim out of the building, but rather than take her into a backstage area, they walked her through the crowd and up the stairs, escorting her into the building’s foyer. Seems like they wanted to be sure everyone got the chance to see who she was.

I’ll be writing up a longer editorial later today, but I definitely have to hand it to TNA. They pulled it off perfectly and it came across very realistic and exciting from a live standpoint.

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