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Hulk Hogan Has ‘Big Plans’ for Awesome Kong


As noted a couple of months ago, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has revealed himself to be a big fan of former Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong. But in a new article, Kong reveals her encounter with Hogan back in October — where Hogan told her that he has big plans for her in TNA.

“He said that he was a big fan of mine. I was overwhelmed. Then he says he has ‘big plans’ for me. So I can’t wait to see what those plans are.”

I’m curious to see what those plans may be. I think it’s time that TNA figured out different ways to utilise Kong rather than have her in the main title picture all the time. As great as she is as champion, the title picture needs some new faces such as Alissa Flash or Hamada. I’d love to see Kong used in a way that contributes to the show but isn’t something we’ve already seen — perhaps have her wrestle the men?

The two-time Knockouts Champ also discusses her gruelling training regime in Japan, where she was primarily trained:

“I sacrificed American food, everything,” she says with a soft laugh. “It was NOT easy. I thought during the first month-and-a-half that they (her trainers) were trying to kill me. It was the most grueling training I ever underwent.”

“They kept telling me ‘More,’” she relates of her trainers. “That’s all they’d say—‘More!’ So I mostly learned from the other girls.”

There have been a lot of stories about Kong over the years which make me admire her that much more. I remember hearing about her being thrown into cage matches and stuff with little experience in Japan, and she made it through and is now a huge star. I can’t even begin to imagine her experiences!

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