Saturday, December 9, 2023

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I Don’t Mean to Scare You, But There’s Spider on Your Hand

It seems like can’t get enough of the “widow” variants, because Victoria sure loves her spiders – so much so that in her new photoshoot, “Silver Widow” she’s wearing a nice big sparkly one on her finger! It compliments her “black widow” persona pretty well, but I think the web necklace was a bit overkill. But hey, it sort of works, as does the *gasp* leggings! I normally hate the pants-less look, but the fact that they’re in red kind of changes my mind. It’s weird, because I look at her ensemble and I’m sure I wouldn’t like any of it by itself, but put together, Victoria makes it work. Hey, you have to give credit to a girl that can match her pants to her hair.. Okay so maybe you don’t, but in this situation, it doesn’t hurt.

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