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Ice Ribbon “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling” #142 Results

Hello everybody and welcome to another journey into the wonderful world of Joshi, as we see what happened earlier today at Ice Ribbon’s weekly online show “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling”:

First off is footage from earlier in the week, including Mio Shirai‘s defence of the ICE x60 Championship against Neko Nitta, and the whirlwind turn of events where Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hikaru Shida defeated Tsukushi and Kurumi for the International Ribbon Tag Team Championships, only to lose them three days later to Hailey Hatred and Hamuko Hoshi! Congratulations to Hailey and Hamuko on their awesome victory!

Only one match on today’s episode, and it features the rookie Risa Sera going up against arguably the star of the 19Pro show, Sayaka Obihiro.

Risa Sera vs Sayaka Obihiro

The pair lock up, and Obihiro breaks the deadlock with a full nelson into a snapmare, then applies a bodyscissors. Obihiro releases the hold and goes for a camel clutch. Obihiro lets go again, traps Sera in the ring ropes and lands some hard chops to Sera’s chest. She goes for a pin but Sera kicks out at two. Sera manages to gain control, and locks in a Boston Crab (they sure love that move over at Ice Ribbon…). Sera releases it and hits some big forearms to Obihiro. The pair trade punches for a while, before Sera floors Obihiro with a huge right forearm to the chin. Sera keeps Obihiro grounded for a bit, then dropkicks her in the corner, lifts her up for a fireman’s carry, spins her round then powerslams her for a two count. Obihiro regains control of the match, hits a dropkick then a sunset flip, and the pair exchange roll-up two-counts. Obihiro then hits Obihiro Magic out of nowhere for the three count.

Winner: Sayaka Obihiro

Join us again next week! Remember, if you want to watch 19Pro, it airs live here at 10AM GMT (about 5 AM in the US, and 7PM in Japan, hence the name) with replays available immediately after for the rest of the week!

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