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Ice Ribbon “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling” #143 Results

All aboard the Joshi train, as we see what happened in today’s episode of Ice Ribbon’s weekly online show “19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling”!

Two matches today, both featuring the ever-present face of 19Pro, Sayaka Obihiro (who is leaving Ice Ribbon this month, and will face Hamuko Hoshi for the IW19 Championship on the 28th in her final match with the company). Her first match of the show is against the relative newcomer Eri Wakamatsu.

3 Minute Exhibition Match: Sayaka Obihiro vs Eri Wakamatsu

The pair lock up and brawl for a bit, before Obihiro gets the upper hand with a snapmare takedown, then a Boston Crab. Wakamatsu reaches for the rope but Obihiro manages to pull her away and apply more pressure. Wakamatsu gets the rope break, but Obihiro stays on top with a bodyslam for a two-count. An exchange of fists from both wrestlers follows, then Wakamatsu rolls up Obihiro for two, whips her into the turnbuckle and dropkicks her for another two. Obihiro goes for another bodyslam but Wakamatsu rolls her up yet again for a two count, and the bell rings for time.

Result: Draw

Next up Obihiro is facing Shoko Hotta, whom we’ve been seeing a lot of on 19Pro recently and who has been making excellent progress.

Sayaka Obihiro vs Shoko Hotta

Hotta attacks Obihiro when her back’s turned, but an incensed Obihiro quickly gains control and rams Hotta’s head into the top turnbuckle. Obihiro pulls and twists Hotta’s hair then throws her across the ring, and pushes her foot hard into Hotta’s throat. Obihiro then applies a bodyscissors followed by a camel clutch. Hotta escapes, only to get put into a nice leglock then a surfboard. Aggressive stuff here from Obihiro, who takes the match to the outside, hammering Hotta’s head against a steel pole and chopping Hotta’s chest hard, before Hotta counters and does the same thing, then slams Obihiro’s head against the ring apron a few times. Back in the ring, Hotta pummels Obihiro with some hard right hands, then applies her patented armbar, but Obihiro breaks the hold with the rope. A trade of forearms follows, then Hotta goes back to the armbar. She has both arms now, but Obihiro gets her foot on the rope. Back on their feet Obihiro regains momentum with some hard chops, Hotta counters with an Irish Whip towards the turnbuckle, Obihiro counters that as she jumps up and over Hotta then goes for her Obihiro Magic finisher, which Hotta reverses into an armbar, then Obihiro reverses yet again into a rollup for a two-count! Obihiro goes for her finisher again and Hotta escapes, but Obihiro lands another rollup for the three-count. Excellent match.

Winner: Sayaka Obihiro 

Join us again next week! Remember, 19Pro airs here every Friday at 10 AM in the UK (about 5 AM Stateside, and 7PM in Japan, obviously), with replays available for the rest of the week immediately afterwards.


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