Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Idol Reject + TNA = Publicity Apparently

What happens when you put an Idol alum and TNA Knockout together? No, the world doesn‘t explode! No, they make music videos! TNA’s latest marketing ploy is to bring on board a former American Idol reject! Unfortunately not the multi-talented Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson… though i do have to give them props, they picked a cute one – Ace Young will be appearing for TNA very soon. I don’t know the full details because to be honest, I’m not interested.

But just in case TNA hasn’t done it’s job in making the message wasn’t loud and clear already that Ace is coming, they even created an alternate music video for Ace’s first single, “Addicted” starring TNA Knockout SoCal Val and I guess what would be her (on screen) finace, Black Machismo. Hmm, a guy who got voted off American Idol or Timbaland, a guy who’s worked with musical royalty such as Madonna and Justin Timberlake? Doesn’t compare really…

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