Thursday, December 7, 2023

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IMPACT 1000 Concludes With Huge Knockouts Tag Team Main Event

IMPACT 1000 continued this week with what is being hailed as “the greatest fight in Knockouts history” — an all-star five-on-five bout that pitted Knockouts World Champion Trinity, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Jordynne Grace, and Mickie James against Angelina Love, Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw, and Savannah Evans.

Trinity and Love started the bout with back-and-forth action, showcasing some of their signature moves. Grace and Shaw came in next, which led to Mickie James tagging in for a notable staredown with Steelz. Before long, James tagged in Gail Kim, who showed she hadn’t lost a step.

Kim initially tangled with Purrazzo, hitting a flying clothesline and then a crossbody out of the corner. She then took Purrazzo and Shaw down simultaneously, but her momentum was stopped when Velvet Sky yanked her to the floor. Steelz brought Kim back inside and trapped her in a submission briefly.

Gail managed to trap Shaw in the Octopus until Shaw backed her into the corner. Purrazzo grounded Kim with a headlock before they clashed with a double crossbody. From there, Kong and Shaw received tags and the action really broke down.

Kong cleared out Love and Purrazzo before facing off with Evans. Purrazzo and Love attacked Kong from behind, which set up James and Trinity hitting them with double Thesz presses. As more bodies spilled outside, Kim went up top and hit a diving crossbody. Shaw backed into Kong’s backfist. Kong then hit a chokeslam followed by Implant Buster for the win.

Outside the ring, Beautiful People targeted Jai Vidal. Love hit Lethal Injection and then they put a paper bag over his head.

But back inside, as the babyfaces celebrated, James notably eyed Trinity’s Knockouts title.

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