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IMPACT Aware of Tessa’s Past?

Tessa Blanchard should be riding high right now. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world and she is now the first ever woman to become World Champion. However, that’s not the case for her. She has been plagued in the past couple of weeks with women from Allysin Kay to Rebel speaking out about her bad behaviour and her attitude.

According to Dave Meltzer (who admittedly is not the most reliable source at times), I was already well aware of this. Meltzer stated that “the company decided it would be hypocritical to change plans due to the racist/bullying accusations”. He also made it apparent it was her attitude that took her developmental deal off the table with WWE, and landed her in IMPACT in the first place.

While this is “hot topic” as Tommy Dreamer has stated, along with the “she’s dated a Black man and is dating a Mexican so she can’t be racist” argument he provided for, this presents a problem.

WWE was roundly criticised, and rightfully so, for allowing Hulk Hogan back into the fold after three years’ exile after a hot mic situation referring to Black people as “F***ing Ni**ers”. Now we find ourselves in a similar situation, except now, where in the case of Hogan he was just a member of the roster, Tessa is now the face, as it were, of the company. The world champion is the representative of their brand and IMPACT booked themselves into a corner. For those of you who need a refresher, please note some of the tweets and the article below:

If it is true that IMPACT still made her champion or even put her in contention for a huge title and push and did nothing about it, then there is a huge drawback to this momentous moment for the company. A woman is World Champion, and there is no denying she is talented. There is no denying that this is a huge step forward for women. That being said, it wasn’t the right woman to do it with. This story in this day of ”Cancel Culture” and ”Social Justice Warriors” will probably be around for quite a bit until Tessa can say more than ”Not true”.

All eyes are going to be on IMPACT to see how they go ahead with her, as well as to see if she will address the situation head-on. However, if what Meltzer said was true, and I believe it is, then all those who were dragging WWE need to keep that same energy in this situation. No company wants to be branded with the brush of someone accused of being a racist, difficult bully.

What do you think? Is Tessa canceled? Do you think IMPACT knew? Do you believe Tessa or her accusers? Sound off below!

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