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Winners & Losers: RAW 01/13/20


A contract signing, a drink to the face, and Sarah Logan getting an entrance pretty much sums up this week’s RAW. RAW continues the trend of one women’s match a week which is still pretty sad when they have a three-hour show. At least the bell rang for the match this time

Sarah Logan took on Charlotte Flair and although her entrance music is rather basic, her entrance itself was nice to see. The match was short and nothing too special. It was pretty similar to last week’s “brawl.” Logan would lose as she tapped out to the Figure Eight.

It was announced that Logan will be entering into the Royal Rumble match. With the slim roster for the red brand it is pretty much a given that the whole roster will be in the match. Same goes for SmackDown. NXT is the brand that has a plethora of talent to choose from.

During the Rusev and Bobby Lashley match, Lana was obviously at ringside cheering on her new husband. Liv Morgan would come out and head straight for Lana. Lana wouldn’t take kindly to Morgan confronting her and would grab a drink from a fan and toss it in her face.

This led to a distraction for Rusev and Lashley picked up the win. The newlyweds would celebrate but would let Charly Caruso know backstage that Liv Morgan is a bigger issue than Rusev. Lana would issue a mixed tag match for next week which Morgan and Rusev would later accept.

Lastly, and definitely the best part of RAW, was the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Asuka. This is for their RAW Women’s Championship match at the Royal Rumble just one week from Sunday. The segment started out with the champion entering the ring first.

Lynch was asked if she had anything to say prior to Asuka coming out and she chose not to say anything. Asuka would come out accompanied by Kairi Sane. Lynch would chase Sane out of the ring and steal her umbrella!

Asuka would sign the contract first and Lynch second. Lynch seemed to be hesitant prior to putting the ink to the paper. Once signed, Lynch would say, “may the best woman win.” A grinning Asuka would then spew the green mist into the eyes of the champ.

At first that seemed to be the end of the segment. A rather cut and dry contract signing. Asuka used her green mist, the end. But no! The acting skills of Lynch would knock it out of the park. She sold the green mist to her eyes better than anyone has or probably will ever. As the staff was trying to wipe and wash out her eyes, The Man would yell for a microphone.

What she had to say next was fantastic storytelling that hypes up this title match perfectly. Shes starts, “When they give you money, when they give you praise, the awards, the’s all poison. It’s all poison for someone who fights for a living and my veins are full of it.”

She then says that Asuka is “hungry and angry” and she herself has been “happy and content.” Lynch says that Asuka is the most dangerous woman she has ever faced. When someone puts their hands on The Man though a badness arises in her.

Let’s knock out those Winners & Losers shall we?

WINNER: Becky Lynch

For everything I just said. It is that simple. She turned what could have been a simple green mist spot into a great story. Becky proved tonight though why she is still at the top of the division and this industry.


Asuka did her part as well tonight. Her cockiness while sitting in her chair to sign the contract was on point. Ever since turning heel Asuka has been being used correctly. She is the perfect contrast to Becky as well.

LOSER: Charlotte Flair

Flair may think she is always a winner, but for the past few weeks her wins literally mean nothing. There is zero point to build up Flair and in fact it makes the matches that less entertaining. When it is the only match on RAW as well – it is a bit of a snooze fest.

The most entertained I was recently by Flair was when she was having good matches against The Kabuki Warriors but still losing. At least those matches were good and her losing didn’t tarnish her whatsoever. Can we go back to that?

LOSER: Sarah Logan

Whereas it is good to see her now two weeks in a row, it is kind of pointless. Unless this builds up to Logan actually picking up a win then the interest level is gone.

What did you think about this week’s RAW? Who were your Winners & Losers? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!