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Impact Spoilers – August 28, 2008

It seems as though TNA is trying to overcompensate for Gail Kim‘s departure this week, by frantically pushing all of the remaining Knockouts on the show, with a record three women’s matches! Spoilers below, highlight to read:

Awesome Kong defeated Josie, billed from Memphis, TN. Josie was one of the women from the Slammiversary 2008 Kong challenge. ODB attacked Kong until the referees pulled her off.

– The Beautiful People defeated TNA Knockout champ Taylor Wilde & Roxxi after Velvet shot hairspray in Roxxi’s eyes. Kip James paperbags Roxxi and they threaten to cut Wilde’s hair but Rhino hits the ring for the save.

– ODB defeated Raisha Saied. ODB pulled off Saied’s mask (backstage) so we didn’t get to see her face. ODB showed off the mask but was attacked by Kong and laid out.

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